Pan Pacific Pet

We believe in opportunity

Our Story

PAN PACIFIC PET started with a desk made out of an old door held up by two sawhorses. Today, we are still the same family owned business we were back in 1986. Since our humble beginnings we’ve added 60 employees to our family and expanded to 130,000 square feet of warehouse and office space. We are proud to be one of Canada’s leading pet specialty distributors and we are always growing!

We believe in opportunity and we support our retailers in everything that we do. If a retail partner has a thriving business then so do we. At Pan Pacific Pet we know that all of us grow together.

Quality Commitment

PAN PACIFIC PET is committed to quality and excellence in everything we do for our customer and vendor partners.

Creative and Innovative


What if you tried something new every week for one year? You would have 52 little experiments that you could learn from. This sparked an idea at PAN PACIFIC PET and we took what we learned to implement some exciting changes. We started pushing the bar higher and higher realising that unless we are constantly improving we are falling short. We always think outside the box but for this one change we decided to stay inside of it…inside the iPad box that is:

The PAN APP is an iPad app created in house and is something that is turning heads and orders. We put the easiest and simplest way to do your orders right into your hands.


Come work on your business outside of your business. We would love to have you join us in our office for the PAN X. We show retailers what we do here at Pan. Visit our state of the art showroom and learning center. The Pan Experience is how we build our businesses together. It’s more than just a Pan Pacific Pet tour, it’s a way to grow the pet specialty industry by learning from each other.

Talk to your rep or call the office because there is always a Pan X around the corner.


Why do you get up in the morning? Answering that question has been an amazing adventure for us. We get up every morning to bring opportunity to our partners, customers and to the pet specialty industry. Our goal is not only to sell amazing products but also to dream together and build lasting business relationships. Sit down with us and see what amazing ideas we can come up with.

We believe in OPPORTUNITY and opportunities, big and small, are the start of amazing partnerships.